Mold and Indoor Air Inspections


Allstate Home Inspectors are Certified Environmental and Mold Inspectors.

inset-mold1Allstate Home Inspections has been performing Mold and Indoor Air Quality testing since 2002. We have seen an increase of Mold in houses and condominiums since hurricane Wilma in October of 2005. Heavy rain and strong winds damaged roofs and other areas of the house or condominiums allowing water to penetrate the building, thus allowing mold to grow and multiply into colonies.


Nobody wants to purchase a “sick house”. If you (or our inspector) suspect there is a chance the house or property might have a mold problem, we would strongly recommend having a Mold Inspection performed to confirm or rule out the presence of elevated and or toxic levels of mold.

inset-mold2Allstate Home Inspections will perform a basic (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality test after visually inspecting the interior of the property for visible mold. The inspector will collect air samples from inside and outside the house, this will allow for a comparison and to identify the type(s) of mold, and also the concentration of mold spore in the air. The inspector will recommend using several Z-5 Canisters to collect the air samples depending on the total square footage and layout of the property, then document times and areas where samples were collected. After all samples are collected and documented, the inspector will bring the Z-5 Canisters to EMLab P&K for analysis. All samples are sent to EMLab to determine the type(s) and levels of mold present at the time of testing. EMLab will email the results to our office within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 954-232-3879.